Pencil It In…

So I’ve so busy lately (thankfully) that I haven’t been able to get in any chill time. But what the H?! Yes, I said H. I’m trying to lay off the F word. And the F letter. I’ve had to resort to penciling in fun time/ social time/ me time/ date time now. Yeah, I’m that person. Whatever. I feel like that’s kind of lame, but it actually helps.

The other week I blocked out time on my day planner so I could go take a yoga class and chill out/stretch. It felt great. Last night I was able to attend a friend’s birthday dinner because I moved my clients up and refused to see another one. Today I blocked out time to have lunch with girlfriends I hadn’t seen in years.
I mean what else was I going to do? Work or clean house? Pshaw.
It’s weird but it’s the only way to keep a little balance in my life. If I didn’t block out the time, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy yoga, or see friends. Work hard, play hard. Balance, baby!
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  1. i’m trying to rid myself of the eff word too. it’s a tough habit to break and i’m considering taping my mouth shut.

    let me know if you come across any tips…like maybe the money in the jar thing. but then i’d have to give the jar to someone else or would totally dip out of it.



  2. I have to do the same thing. I think it is a good sign that we are healthy busy people that do not want work to take over life but love what we do.

  3. Your post is the so timely, just this morning I was looking at the awful state of my nails and wondering why I don’t every take thirty minutes a day to take care of myself. I’ve penciled in some me time this afternoon 🙂

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