Personal Training Giveaway!

So it’s that time of year where everybody (well, most people) make those New Year’s resolutions to whip themselves into shape. This tends to be a very busy time of year for me and I love it. I love seeing people motivated to make a change for the better in themselves. That being said, it’s also time for another Personal Training Giveaway! And what better time than New Year’s Day?!

  • Wanna win two FREE personal training sessions with me?
  • Wanna learn some cool stuff that you can add to your current (or non-existant) fitness routine?!
  • Live in the Louisville, KY area?! (Sorry, rest of the world, but I can’t be everywhere)
Yes? Sah-weet! Well then here’s how you can enter to win:
1) Leave a comment below.
For extra entries:
2) Become a follower.
3) Follow me on Bloglovin’.
4) Tweet about it! (And leave a comment to let me know)
5) Facebook about it! (And leave a comment to let me know)
6) Send me an email to telling me why you’d like to win. Don’t write a book, just a sentence or two. ; )
So there ya go! 6 Ways to enter and win! Don’t need it for yourself? Enter for somebody you know that might like it! Especially if you didn’t get them a Christmas gift and they got one for you…
I will draw the winner on New Year’s Day! So you’ve got until midnight, New Year’s Eve. Go!
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  1. I wanna win. Always looking for new things to add to my fitness routines.

  2. Hope I win! You are awesome!

  3. Pick me, Pick me!!! You are fabulou!!

  4. Um, duh. Enter me!!!!!! 🙂

  5. That was Tamara Begley, by the way!

  6. I need something in the off season to kick my butt!

  7. I want to win! I already tweeted. LandRumAmy Amy Landrum… win 2 days of training – Drawing New Year’s Day

  8. dang it! would totally enter if you were doing this near santa barbara!

  9. I wanna win! I’m gonna tweet about it toooooo! 🙂

  10. Promote, promote, promote…can’t wait to see who wins!

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