Pet Peeves… and some foul language.

This post could also be titled, “Things That Are Not My Jam”

So I’m a little feisty this week… 

I don’t have a ton of pet peeves, but here are the ones I do have: 

People that are CONSTANTLY late.
I mean, I hit traffic every now and then too, or something comes up once in a while, but I’m only late about %5 of the time. When people are constantly late I just see it as disrespectful. It’s basically saying you don’t give a shit that everybody else’s waiting for you. You’re an adult! Start getting ready 15 minutes earlier, or stop trying to pack in so much stuff before you leave. Figure it out.

Catty girls. 
You know the ones: “Girls just don’t like me so all my friends are guys.” RED FLAG. These are the girls that will ALWAYS have drama with other girls. They claim ALL other girls are out to get them. They are ALWAYS the victim, etc. Riiiiiight. I have guy friends too, but my girlfriends are my life lines; the ones that I’ve known my whole life and the ones I meet now socially or in my industry. There’s something to learn from most women you meet. Except the catty ones…

Thanks for the awesome photo, Kelly K!

Unwarranted Religious Visits. 
I’m all for people practicing whichever religion they have faith in. That’s great! That’s beautiful! Rock it out! But just because I don’t believe in your God doesn’t mean you can come to my house and try to convert me and tell me I’m inferior and “need guidance.” I have my own beliefs, thank you very much and am a pretty decent human being. I don’t go door to door telling people not to believe in God. Please hop down off your high horse, get over yourself and leave me be. *Shout out to all my believer friends who are awesome and don’t do this ish.

Most tasks can be done easier or faster, without sacrificing quality. It’s a rare day when I have to check a suitcase when traveling… carry-on all the way! 10 Grocery bags on each arm to make one trip from the car? You betcha (as long as you’re not going to drop any – another trip to the grocery is not efficient either). Making an appt, to stand in line, to grab a number?!  **side eye California DMV**. Why waste time when you don’t have to? The less time you waste, the more time you have for fun times with people you care about. Did anybody ever read the book, Cheaper By The Dozen? I’m like the dad…

What are your pet peeves? 
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  1. Yep, I have to agree with every one of those.

  2. groceries from the car in one trip…might as well be a competition, because i am winning that ‘ish!

  3. Lateness. I absolute detest it. If it happens on the rare occasion that’s fine, but people who are always late are disrespectful of other’s people’s time. And you’re right, they need to grow up.
    And you’re also right about all of the rest of these too 🙂

  4. ummm…please tell me they were jehovah’s witness and not mormons that said that to you…. #iapologizeonbehalfofallintrusivemissionaries

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