Pinterest. Damnit.

So I saw some stuff on my friend’s facebook link that I was interested in. It happened to be something from one of her Pinterest Boards… then I wanted to remember it and maybe try it one day, so I bookmarked it. Then I saw like 25 other things that looked cool, then I noticed a couple of our mutual friends had boards too that looked cool, and the next thing I know I’m f*cking signing up for Pinterest. Damnit!!

My friend Missy informed me of Pinterest back in 2010, when it was just getting rolling, but I protested immediately: I’ve already got Facebook. And a Fitness Facebook Page. And Twitter. And a blog. And a website **. And G+. And LinkedIn (which is getting creepier by the day, so I’ll probably drop it soon). Do I REALLY need another site?! Another account? Another password to remember? Not to mention the fact that I’m not crafty! Not even a little bit. But every now and then I get the itch to try a new recipe or start a DIY project. So I joined. Damnit.

And now I have a couple boards. So if you guys are on Pinterest and you have anything to contribute to my boards, let me know. Here are my starter boards:

Now I’m just trying to find a way NOT to let this interfere with my productivity. 

Who else is on Pinterest? 
Dumb question. I’m sure you’re ALL there and have been for two years already. 

**note all the shameless self-promotion

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  1. welcome to the most lovable and annoying website ever. where you will never feel crafty enough, stylish enough, or fit enough, but damn you can’t quit it.

  2. I am SO addicted. I think I’ve pinned thousands of things. I do use a lot of the recipes though and around Christmas I always use it to compile a list, which is super helpful.

  3. YAY! Now we can be Pinterest friends too! (P.S. I’m a big dork)
    Here’s me:
    And I’m already pinning buddies with Alex up there, so we’re like on big pin family 🙂

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