Pity, Party of One, Your Table Is Now Ready.

UGH. I’ve had a sprained ankle all of 6 days and I’m being really dramatic whiny and pissy. 
It’s really frustrating to have an active job/lifestyle and not be able to move at full capacity. I keep telling myself to grow up and quit whining. It’s only a sprained ankle. It could be plenty worse and I could have WAY more recovery time than just a few weeks, but I’m still pissy. I was told to stay off my feet for 6 weeks by the doc. Six weeks?! That’s just not possible in my line of work… so I was given this boot. It’ll keep my ankle as still as possible when I am on my feet. The boot really is amazing. It makes a world of difference and I’m completely grateful for it… but it’s still annoying having to wear it. 
Even though I’ve got really great clients/bootcampers who are able to still take class without me being able to show them everything, I still want to punch something because I can’t fully demonstrate the exercises I want them to do. “I just want to be able to show somebody this sandbell lunge combo!!”
Look out. 
Even though I’ve got this boot that makes getting around SO much easier, I still want to break something because it’s my right foot that’s hurt. Which means I’ve got to take off the boot to drive, then put it back on to get out of the car. Is that hard? No. Does it take more than 45 seconds? No. Is it really just a small price to pay for mobility? Yes. Why am I so whiny?!
I’m so glad that I’ve got a vast network of active friends and colleagues on Facebook. I love getting to see what they’re up to all the time… except when I can’t partake. Then I get envious and want to CUT somebody. “I really don’t care about your awesome workout today. Or your stupid PR on your race this weekend. Or your beautiful scenery photos from your hike this afternoon. You can all go eat a d***.” 
Not really. 
Really, Ami?
Let’s keep acting like a 5 year old.
That’ll be productive.
And attractive.
*deep breath*
Sorry… needed a little venting action.
Back with a more intriguing/entertaining post later. 
*’nother deep breath*
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  1. Sometimes, you gotta vent! Totally understandable. x.

  2. ay yi yi heal up soon!

  3. I’m a TRX trainer and had ankle surgery in May that I’m still not recovered from so I hear you! Fortunately for me it was not my driving foot. You learn to get really good at doing demo’s of single leg squats though!

  4. but you look so good in das boot!

  5. sorry to hear that.. hope u get well soon..

  6. while this post was ridiculously funny, i’m really sorry. dude this SUCKS!! i’d feel the exact same way. and that boot is the size of your whole body so, the good news is you’re probably getting a workout just by lugging that thing around!

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