Playlist! Dance Party

Most of my playlists are not only for working out, but they also double as sah-weet Dance Party soundtracks. In the mood for an impromptu Dance Party at work? At home? In the car (my fave)? Well, here ya go. You’re welcome.

Me and my dance partner (and one of my greatest life-long friends), Emily at Amanda’s reception a couple years ago. Just let loose. Good times.


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As always, playlists are an hour in length and include cool down/stretch music at the end. LOVE the last song on this one. Happy Workout/Dance Party!

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  1. haha–this post is awesome! great music choices.

  2. Great songs! We all need a little dance music now and then!

  3. I’m in a serious need of a dance party/dance off! Exercise is seriously what is keeping me sane these days – I love it 🙂


  4. Sounds like some great songs to dance to! 🙂 Always love a good dance party after a long week:)

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