Playlist! Dedicated to the racers…


I make new workout playlists every couple weeks and usually my main goal is to find music to make people want to move. This playlist is no different than the others, but I also wanted to dedicate it to my many clients and bootcampers that are starting or finishing their racing season. Some are veteran runners, cyclists, and swimmers. Some are just getting started with their first 5k. Either way, they’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to these races… and I couldn’t be more proud of what they’re accomplishing.

So to Shannon F, Crystal V, Kara G, Mark C, Rhonda C, Ashley H, Mick M, Tom B, Julie J, Alexis C –

You guys are my jam and this playlist is for you: 

Pay special attention to the last 2 cool-down songs. : )

Way to be BEASTS!
And Happy Easter, if you celebrate it! : )
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  1. brooke lyn says

    almost embarrassed by how much i like the neon lights song.

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