Playlist – Relax Your Ish

Not all of my playlists are meant for rockin’ it out with your TRX, dumbbells, or treadmill. Some are meant for stretching, meditating, yoga-ing, or pilates-ing… because sometimes, you just need to mellow out…

This next one is one of those. I have several, each labeled as “Relax Your Ish” 1, 2, 3, etc. on my iTunes. Here’s the latest:
Add Shoot The Moon (Norah Jones) to your list too because it’s AWESOME, beautiful, and relaxing. Grooveshark didn’t have it. Really, Grooveshark?
#4 I solo’d to in high school and Bridget reminded me of it last week.
#8 is by my friend who is AMAZING
#11 takes me back to Johnny’s room in Dirty Dancing… don’t even get me started.
This playlist is dedicated to my BFF, Amanda, who after a gillion years of school, is currently interning AND writing her dissertation. She’s brilliant and will be a Doc soon. – Just breathe, girl. And get that D knocked out so we can hang again. I miss you.
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  1. Awesome playlist! I love it!

  2. thanks for this! I’m definitely adding some of these! i like seeing what other people work out too.

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