This is what we’re listening to in my fitness classes this week
… because my bootcampers have no other option.
That’s the cool thing about being in charge. ; )
My workout playlists are an hour long, 
with built-in cool-down/stretching songs,
so you don’t leave that ish out
’cause I know how you are. 
I’m LOVING Gin Wigmore these days. 
Her sound is a cool mix between Amy Winehouse and Duffy. 
Also, have you guys heard Bruno Mars’s new album? 
I can’t get enough of “If I Knew”. I just wish it were longer! 
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  1. Girl you know I love your playlists!! Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  2. This is an amazing playlist, thanks for sharing!

    I had never heard of Gin Wigmore, but I’ll be downloading the album!

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