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Tango and I take a 45 minute walk every day (unless the temperature is -25, then we take a 2 minute walk) and I listen to any number of podcasts. Podcasts have literally taken over from music in my life the past year and a half. I listen to them while walking, running, driving, and now during my workouts. There’s so much GOOD content out there and it’s way better than listening to any radio station. I pick up new ones all the time. Here are my latest faves I want y’all to know about:


Pod Save America

“A no bullshit conversation on politics.” Aaaaand that pretty much wraps it up. Hosted by three smart and witty former staff members of the Obama administration, this twice weekly conversation revolves around the current happenings in Washington and what they mean for all of us. I enjoy learning about a bunch of political stuff (like certain policies and their subsequent effects) while being simultaneously entertained. I can stay updated on all things American politics, without having to turn on the t.v. #thumbsup

Favorite Episode: A Moment of Silence for Bowling Green.


Pod Save the World

Don’t understand Foreign Policy? Me neither. That’s why I love this podcast. A spinoff from the podcast above, Obama’s former National Security Spokesman interviews the people responsible for the most important foreign policy decisions of our time -what the actual details are, why they’re important and what’s happening with them today. Learn some shit, y’all.

Favorite episode: Secret Iran Talks w/ Jake Sullivan.



Making Oprah

If you loved watching Oprah at 4pm every afternoon like I used to, you’ll love this 3 part series on the making of the show and how it operated over the years. Listen to the people that were responsible for putting her on the air, the crew that she worked with every day for years, and an interview with the icon herself.

Favorite episode. You have to go in order! All 3 here (plus bonus content) here.


Myleik Teele’s Podcast

I found this gem from Sampler a few months back and love it. This lady entrepreneur has the best #realtalk business advice, interview guests, and no-nonse manner. I enjoy every episode because it’s informative, entertaining, and empowering. I also love seeing badass ladies succeed and help others! And I kind of want to be her friend in real life…

Favorite Episode: Handling Your Own PR. <- seriously, if you run a business, you need this.


HerMoney w/ Jean Chatzky

You could fill a warehouse with what I don’t know about investing, so that’s why I love somebody that breaks that ish down and gives it to you straight. I found this podcast when my favorite ladies at Call Your Girlfriend were interviewed on it. Want some straightforward advice that you can understand? Tune in here! It’ll make you feel financially empowered.

Favorite Episode: #38 “New Year’s Resolution” Spend less. Save more.


Revisionist History

If you’ve read any of Malcolm Gladwell’s books, you know his biggest strength is being able to break down complex ideas into digestible information. His new podcast is no exception. These topics have serious implications for how we turn out (espeically in the U.S.) and makes you realize just how important some decisions are and how they affect us all. This one’s best for long car rides or walks where you can zone out with him.

Favorite Episode: My Little Hundred Million. Schools, endowments, and how it affects our kids.



Twice Removed

Gimlet Media (creators of Start Up & Science Vs.) has done it again with another really interesting podcast. AJ Jacobs (author of The Know-it-All, Drop Dead Healthy, and The Year of Living Biblically) hosts this fascinating look at how we’re all connected. It’s kind of like a 6 degrees of separation meets Henry Louis Gates’ Finding New Roots. He interviews the main guest, then has a secret relative hangin behind the scenes. Each show weaves through a journey starting their family tree, passing through several events that helped shape the history of not only the main players, but our country (and world) too. It’s beyond fascinating!

Favorite Episode: Nazanin Rafsanjani


Any of your faves I should know about?

Happy listening!

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  1. tami says

    the Oprah podcast is wonderful, thank you for sharing. I also enjoy Lance Armstrong’s podcast, The Forward is a good one and Dan Harris 10%

    • I loved having just a little more Oprah in my life for a couple days. And thanks for the recs! I’ll give those a listen.

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