Pretending that I have actual blog content…

I’m presenting at a fitness conference in Chicago this weekend! 
So here’s some random ish: 
The best video I’ve ever seen this week. Thanks, Sarah for sending this my way!! 
The difference in females from when we’re 29 and 31:
(apparently we need to be striking while the iron’s hot
because after… well, it’s all downhill)

It’s been a busy couple days,
so naturally I send out photos to various people, twitter, facebook, etc. 
Apparently I’m unable to take a selfie without opening my mouth. 
Showing my mom I’m actually ironing: 
Setting up my session room for the Rip Trainer Course I’ll be teaching

Being alone in an elevator with a giant mirror: 
(whatever, you’d do it too)

Gooooooood Morning!

And clearly, all presenters need to practice protective sex…
these were on my stereo when I got to my session room this morning. 
At least I’m set now…

Fun fact: Just kidding on this last photo. Condoms are actually used as a cover
for our microphone packs! When you clip the mic pack on your pants/top 
it can get sweaty and short out. Slip a condom on, that doesn’t happen, and your mic keeps going strong!
Now you have some sweet fitness instructor facts : ) 

What random ish is happening in your world this fine Thursday night? 
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  1. Hmmm… Thursday night randomness… sitting on my butt eating pizza, drinking beer and catching up on Southland.
    Friday morning randomness… doing hundreds of jumping jacks and situps to make up for Thursday night.

  2. lol. get some, guuuuuuurl. ; )

  3. Laughed out loud with that last picture – go get ’em girl!

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