Q&A VLOG: Ask me some ish!

So the topics on this little blog of mine (I’m gonna let it shine!) kinda jump around:  
I have a career in fitness. I’m a frequent traveler.
I’m a dancer. I’m a rock climber. I’m a divorcee.  
I have a dog, a man-friend, a roomie, and lots of buddies. 
You guys hear a little of this and that all the time, 
but I want to know if you have any specific questions for me. 
You got fitness questions? TRX or travel questions?
Dog/man-friend/roomie/buddy questions? 
Divorce questions? 
Questions about how I got this dazzling personality of mine? No? … ok. 
Anywho… leave a comment below and I’ll post a VLOG next week answering them all! 
If you’d like your question to remain anonymous, shoot me an email (fitwithflash@gmail.com)
and I’ll conceal your identity.
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  1. YAY!
    I’ve got a multiple part question (ok, it’s three questions)
    1. How did you become a personal trainer?
    2. And then how did you become a TRX trainer?
    3. What advice would you give someone that wanted to become a personal trainer?

  2. What is your favorite trx rip/suspension trainer movement? Why?

  3. What is your favorite trx rip/suspension trainer movement? Why?

  4. What is NUMBER 1 mistake you think women make when trying to get in shape?

    What is your take on the ‘gluten free’ crazy marketing going on at stores now?

    What is your biggest pet peeve when training a client?

    Best advice when training with TRX/

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