Quickie Workout: Vacay Style

When we went up to Harbor Springs for vacay last weekend, I took a few of my TRX Suspension Trainers so that we could work out (if we felt like it). After laying around for hours, you feel compelled to move after a little while… at least I do.

We didn’t want to spend a ton of time with a workout
 (there was more lying around to be done and bourbon slush to be consumed) 
so Stacey and I did a quickie workout… 

…and now I’m sharing it with you. 
Because I’m nice like that.

Warm Up Walk (and chat):
Get the body ready for movement and catch up on gossip current world events.
Quickie Cardio: 
Light jog into “downtown” and back. 3 miles total. Booyah. 
Quickie Strength Exercises*:
Walking Lunges
TRX Low Rows
TRX Pikes
First set: 30 reps of each exercise
Second set: 20 reps of each
Third set: 10 reps of each
The run took us about 30 minutes, the strength part took about 15, 
and then we were on our way to the showers, then the boat dock. 
*Was it planar balanced? No
Is that easily fixed? Yes. 
1. Change lunges to Crossing Balance Lunges.
2. Do alternating low, mid, high rows. 
3. Change the pike to the TRX Oblique crunch. 
Check out the TRX Youtube Page
 for videos of the exercises
 if you don’t already know them. 
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  1. I’m going to do this! I like to work out every day but some days it’s just not in me…..this is perfect!

    Miss ya buddy!

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