ready to find your INNER STRENGTH, Louisville?

OK Louisville Peeps ~

For all of those who have been asking when my classes start: This Monday! I’ll be making my Louisville teaching debut with the lovely and talented Sarah Ayers of Inner Strength Fitness.

We’ll have two bootcamps that you can be a part of.

1) Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings from 6-7am (women only)

2) Tuesday/Thursdsay evenings from 6-7pm (co-ed)

Each bootcamp is 4 weeks long. The morning session (starting June 21) costs $150 and the evening session (starting June 22) costs $100. AND for every friend you recruit, you receive $13 off your total cost (1 class free)!

These bootcamps take place downtown on the Waterfront. For more info about Inner Strength Bootcamp and to sign up, click here.

Not sure if you’ll like it? If you want some more motivation, read other participants testimonials here.

Not sure if you’ll like me teaching you? SD Peeps – if you’ve trained with me and have a testimonial of your own, would you please comment below so my Louisville Peeps can see?

Thanks so much and hope to see you there!!!
~email me for more questions
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  1. Danielle says

    As a cubicle worker, I always looked forward to that break in the day when I could sweat it out with Ami. She would challenge me to go beyond my comfort zone and have me laughing and smiling throughout. You can get a good workout anywhere, but Ami offers more than that. She takes a personal interest in each of her clients and makes modifications to keep everyone on track to meet their goals. I have discovered and toned muscles I never knew I had through Ami’s intense workouts. Whenever I work out on my own now, I always include some of her killer exercises. Just watch out, she may “punch you in the stomach,” so always keep that core engaged!

  2. Andy says

    If you are sitting and thinking about if you should train with Ami… don’t. Just do it! Ami made working out so much fun and I always looked forward to going to bootcamp class. It’s not very often you find someone that makes working out so much fun. I actually looked forward to working out, even at 6:15am. Trust me, the work outs are intense too. We did new things all the time to make it interesting. I’m really jealous of all you peeps in Louisville! Have fun!

  3. Kristin says

    I agree with Andy. I am so jealous of you all in Louisville. Ami’s classes are (were) the most fun of the many I take. She is always so upbeat; she keeps the class interesting so the time flies; and she plays the best music. Her teaching style is unlike no other. You will get a great workout that truly feels like you are doing amazing things for the big muscles and the little bitty ones. She excels at finding moves that work multiple body parts at the same time, providing such an efficient and intense workout. My Thursday mornings are not the same without her. Miss you, Ami!

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