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Let’s talk about a few real things, shall we? Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and settle in.

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First, lets talk about: an amazing sports bra for the smaller-chested… 

For all the smaller-busted ladies in the house: Lululemon’s Ebb to Street Bra will be your jam. I tried one on last winter and bought two immediately because of how flattering they were. (If my boobs were any smaller they’d be coming out of my back, but in this bra, you’d think there was something actually there.) I wore it my tap class a couple weeks ago and would swear that I saw what resembled bounce-age coming from my chestal region when I was hopping around.  It’s a good thing I bought two of those bad boys because after I saw the selfie above, I pretty much decided I’ll be wearing this bra every day.



Let’s talk: about living alone…

Living alone has its obvious Pros and Cons. Feeling like a self-sufficient grown-up, being able to decorate how you want, having control over the remote, and eating blueberries and cereal for dinner without anyone around to judge you are certainly the high points. Footing all the bills alone (especially in an expensive city), not having help with pet responsibilities, and realizing how quickly you can feel alone, are the downsides.

My last 4 years with my roommate, Tamara were incredibly awesome. We had an awesome co-living situation and we always called each other the perfect domestic partner. Even though we were rarely home at the same time, we still saw each other at night or in the morning. We helped with the other’s animal(s), split all the bills, shared groceries and laundry duties, and got along really well. Now I worry about things like choking on my dinner, dying, and not being found for days on end, like Miranda on that episode of Sex and the City. When I moved from Kentucky last April, I knew I’d want to have my own place (having roommates here at age 31 just doesn’t sound appealing) but I will admit the above cons sometimes feel like they outweigh the pros. Which leads me to the next topic…


Let’s talk: about being alone at Christmas…

YOU GUYS. Props to all you that have lived alone for years. This is my first Christmas season living alone and sh** does it suck. I decorated last night and while I still had a good time, it was just different. I’ll be heading up to Canada on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays with my man-friend and the boys, so I’m thankful for that, but being here in my place in the weeks leading up to the holidays is just kind of heavy. NOT decorating my house would have made things worse so I spent the better part of yesterday putting up my “tree” (more on that later) and other decor. Nothing like pulling up Facebook later to see tons of my friends putting up their trees with their families by their sides. Another reason to be on Facebook a little less… Anyway, I know it’s my choice to live alone but sometimes just acknowledging that things are rough helps you to process it all.


Let’s talk: about priorities changing as we age…

It’s crazy how much your priorities change as you age. Those things that you never thought would be important you suddenly find yourself stressing out about. Having to switch my health coverage to California has been an endeavor the past month. I was having a really in-depth conversation with some friends the other day about deductibles and thought later about weirdly adult that was.

One of the things that’s killing me the most about where I live is just that monthly expenses have skyrocketed to such a degree that my savings accounts have stopped growing as quickly… another thing I used to not care about. After getting out of debt last year, and shoveling money into savings and retirement accounts, I had been feeling way more financially secure. I moved back to San Diego and all that has come grinding to a nerve-wracking halt. I’m still contributing monthly, but those contributions are considerably smaller than they once were, which is disheartening.

The upcoming elections and poll numbers are driving insane. I can’t believe what a couple of the candidates are actually letting come out of their mouths. And then I really can’t understand how there are people attending these rallies that actually believe them. Making sure that I’m registered to vote and am sharing as much factual information about the candidates I see fit to actually run this country has now become a bigger thing in my life.

Deductibles, retirement, political stats. Woof. Can I go back to being too young to care?

hqdefaultGlass Case of Emotion via

Let’s talk: about not always playing the Glad Game…

I’m glad for my health, I’m glad for the endless sunshine and warm weather I live in, I’m glad that my family is great, I’m glad my relationship is great. There, I’ve got that out. But just because you can play the glad game a lot doesn’t mean you can play it ALL the time. Sometimes you’re just a little down and it helps to feel that. If you’ve seen the Pixar movie ‘Inside Out’ you’ve been punched in the gut with the realization (or reminder) that sadness is something that has to be acknowledged now and again. Sometimes I’m sad that my family and friends and man-friend are all 2,000 miles away. It sucks that I want to be a mother so badly I feel like my ovaries are trying to escape my body and get the work done themselves. Sometimes I’m bummed because I want to be settled but I can’t fu**ing paint a wall or nest in this apartment like I feel I need to. MAYBE I WANT TO PLANT A GOT-DAMNED GARDEN, BUT I CAN’T! I mean… let’s be honest… I wouldn’t really plant a garden, but I’d like to know that I could! In my own yard! If I wanted to! In ‘Inside Out’ Sadness has this great quote: “Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.” It’s funny when she’s saying it, but later, when you think about it, it’s totally true. Because sometimes, a good cry is all you need. And then it’s over. And you can listen to the Adele album, and then hang out with a friend, and then bake a pie, and you JUST FEEL BETTER.

Whew. That was a lot.

Any real talk you need to get off your chest?

Spill it.


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  1. Long time reader: first time commenter. LOVE this post! I am a small chested girl as well. I literally have mosquito bites on my chest and live passed sports bras but I am going to Lulu today to check out the bra you recommend! Thanks for the info. Love the authenticity of your blog and of course the workouts. Currently working on handstands myself and going to add in your shoulder mobility workout.

    • Ami says

      Hey Christine! Thanks so much for reading and for your comment. You’re going to love the bra. I wear it under regular clothes sometimes too, especially v-necks. Let me know how your handstands are going! I’ve been slacking on mine lately and just got back to them a couple days ago…

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