Recipe: Bean and Kale Soup

I’m a huge fan of soups, stews, or anything else where most of the work is chopping ish and throwing it in a pot. This soup is no exception. It’s very easy to make, super yummy, and a great healthy option that’s cheap! I think all the ingredients cost me about $15. My roomie and I will be eating on this for at least a couple days. All those things make this soup my jam. : ) No need to type out the whole recipe, so go here.
A couple things I did differently the 2nd time I made this:
*I used a combo of red/purple potatoes, just because Trader Joes sells them in that little combo bundle. And I like the color purple.

*Since the cream was optional, I opted out. One less thing to manage.

*Used 4 carrots and 4 stalks of celery, just to even up the broth to veggie ratio. It was a little skewed to the broth side the first time I made it.
*I left the broth/water/potatoes boil for a while longer before I added the veggies to it. The first time it took forever for the potatoes to cook through because I jacked it up.
*I also put the onions in the pan to cook alone for a few minutes before I added the other veggies, just to make sure they were nice and soft. This is just something I needed… I can’t stand onions so I needed them DONE before anything else. : )
My roomie snapped this photo as she walked in, wondering why the hell I was sporting shades on a cold, cloudy day.  I always wear eyewear when chopping/cooking onions. That ish hurts. (Ski goggles work really well if you have them!) She also wanted to know about the ear warmers, but I just hadn’t taken them off when I walked in the door earlier. They were keeping me warm and cozy. ; )
Happy Weekend, Guys!
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