Reebok Spartan Race: Discounts and Giveaway!

2014_Generic_Promo-Card2_SRM Photos via Spartan Race Media

I’ve got the best deal today!

I’ve been given 1 Free Race Registration to give away and a discount code that everybody can use! Both are good for any Reebok Spartan Race in the continental U.S.

I love the idea of obstacle races and have participated in them myself. I’m not super into running a race just to run, but if I’m running toward something fun, count me in. If you’re going to run a set number of miles, why do it on a boring road? Do it while jumping over fire! Jump over things, climb up things, crawl through things! This sounds way more exciting to me. Plus, you get the added benefits balance, agility, coordination and strength benefits of using your entire body, not just your legs and cardiovascular system (<— the trainer in me can’t help it).

Reebok Spartan Race has 3 different types of races to choose from:


Sprint: 3+ Miles & 15+ Obstacles

Super: 8+ Miles & 20+ Obstacles

BEAST: 12+ Miles & 25+ Obstacles

Races are happening all over the country! Check it.

You have the opportunity to race one or all of them on October 4th in Ohio.


If you’d like to go ahead and sign up for any of the races, head over to to register. You can use the code SPARTANBLOGGER to receive %10 off your entry fee! This code is good for any race in the continental U.S.

~ GIVEAWAY WINNER CHOSEN!!! Congrats, Kate! ~


Giveaway ends at 11:59 Sunday, July 27.

Winner will be announced Monday, July 28!

Good luck! AROO!

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  1. Kate B. says

    Ahhh thank you so much! 🙂 NJ Super here I come! Aroo <3

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