Resolution Race: Pace Yourself

It’s almost a joke – setting a resolution. 
Everybody knows they’re rarely kept. 

Sooo many people jump on the New Year Resolution train and start going so hard that they overdo it. I believe people get really amped after the holidays (and with good reason after all those parties and holiday dinners). They want to feel better. They want to look better. They want to BE better. Myself included. And what better time to hit the ground running than Jan 1st?

Just a quick reminder though: It’s only Day 4 of the year. 
You’ve got 361 more days left in 2013. 
Save yourself from burnout that will make you quit. 

Pace yourselves, peeps!

I needed this reminder in the middle of the afternoon yesterday when I was so overwhelmed with all the ish I wanted to accomplish (and didn’t) that I had to just STOP. And take a minute to decompress. 
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