Road-side Yoga

When road tripping, you usually have at least one looooong-ass day where you’re in the car just trying to charge it. Monday was that day for us. We did 12 hours! After a while your ass hurts, your back gets stiff, and you get a little achy all over. We pulled over somewhere in Nebraska for a quick yoga session to get loosened up. Jenn led us through a little yoga flow (’cause besides being the ish, she’s also yoga instructor) and then we did a couple stretches.

A little piriformis stretch
to stretch the hips: 
A little forward fold action for
hamstring/spine lengthening
(which you can do with straight or bent knees):
And just like that, 
we’re back on the road
and feeling refreshed
; ) 

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  1. hahaha are you doing this on the highway?! and 12 hours?!? seriously….after 4 i’m done….i’m like – forget this, i want to fly! maybe i just need some roadside yoga!

  2. Girl, you were in Nebraska?! That’s where I’m at…. glad our highway could serve you a yoga session!

  3. hahahaha love it. i think my flexibility (or lack there of) would scare you though

  4. That’s so funny!

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