San Diego. Here to stay.


So after two weeks in Europe and 3 months on the road, I’ve finally made it back to San Diego and am here for good. For a while anyway. We {Tango and I} stuck mostly to the original plan, with some modifications here and there, and had the most amazing time.

While I’ve started blog posts to share photos of my Euro trip, wrap up the road trip and bring more fitness to the blog, I’ve put them all on hold so I can find an apartment to live in… First thing’s first, right? My good friend Colleen was nice enough to share her home with me until I find a place of my own so Tang and I are hanging here in the meantime. Gotta say though, applying for rentals is a tough go when you’re self-employed with no set salary, and having just NOT WORKED for the past 3 months. This could get interesting… The biggest thing I’m excited for is having my own space when Tang and I can settle in. After traveling all over and living out of the car, I’ll be glad to clear out my storage unit and have all my belongings in one place again.

Today’s to-do list includes the following:

Don’t get too jealous…

*LOTS of laundry. Good thing Colleen is out of town because her living room is covered in my clothes.

*Backing up my computer to the hard drive {which I accidentally left in storage 3 months ago}. Three hours later and still going strong…

*Unfolding and going thru the massive amounts of mail that have been crammed into my P.O. Box and have been accumulating since April. Yay.

*Trying to hunt down last year’s tax returns that are not where they’re supposed to be {in the file box}.

*Filling out apartment applications, and self-employment verifications, and searching more apartment ads.

*A workout with my buddy Ryan at Bird Rock Fit tonight. It’s time to get back on the regular fitness regimen.

*Cleaning out my car. This one is going to suck the most, hence its placement at the bottom of the list.


So while this week’s posting may be irregular {shocker} it’ll be back to normal soon enough. I’m very excited about heading to the IDEA World conference in LA this weekend though! If you’re going, stop by the TRX Dance Body session and say hi!

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