San Diego: Settling In…


Moving week is here and I’m living amongst all my things in my own apartment. Shout out to all my buds that have helped me this week! It’s all very exciting and also very exhausting, but I’m loving it. After moving everything into the place, and doing the obligatory Target/Ikea/Home Depot run for all the things you need, I’m finding there’s still shit I need. It really sucks to spend $400 on ish and you get home to unpack the all-exciting light bulbs, toilet paper, and pepper. Moving states is exciting, but the realities of it can be annoying. Can somebody please tell me why apartments don’t have overhead lighting in all the rooms? I swear if I have to buy one more lamp in my lifetime… I hate buying lamps. None of them are fabulous, except for the ones that cost way more money than you want to spend on a lamp. All I have left {that I know of} to purchase is a mattress and a desk. These two items could not fit into my moving box that I shipped from Kentucky to California so they have to be re-purchased. #Movingbuzzkill.

Anyway, Tango and I are loving living close to the beach again, it’s awesome seeing all my old buds, the weather is wonderful, I have a tan, the park is close by, and I’m getting lots of fitness and dance classes in (check Instagram for footage), so my body is happy. Photos of the new place to come, as I get rid of boxes and find places for everything. The good news is now I’m ready for visitors! Anybody want to come see me in San Diego? I’ll probably be living pretty frugally now that I’m back to paying SoCal rental prices, but the beach is always free. ; )

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  1. Kelli says

    Find me a good country concert in San Diego (where I hopefully will not get thrown up on) and I’m in!

    • Ami says

      I can’t promise we won’t sit next to older ladies who don’t know their limit… but I can promise you I won’t throw up on you. : ) Zac Brown Band on Friday, September 18th at Del Mar Fairgrounds!!! Dierks Bently, Sunday Aug 16 in Chula Vista.

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