San Diego!

If you’re new to my blog, it’s important that you know how much I LOVE San Diego, CA. I moved there alone, a week after I graduated college, with my car loaded to the brim and $800 to my name. In the 4 years that I lived there I began my career in fitness, made some amazing friends, and learned so much about myself. I moved back home a year ago, but still miss and love SD so much. That’s why I’m thrilled that the BlogHer conference is being hosted in SD this weekend… along with a wedding of two of my favorite people. The IDEA Fitness Conference is in LA next weekend too so I’ll be in SoCal for 10 days! Yesssssss.

I plan on doing the following:
~Laying my ass on the beach (duh).
~Hitting up In-N-Out Burger and Longboard’s in PB for Taco Tuesday next week.
~Hiking Torrey Pines.
~Watching/betting on the horse races at Del Mar.
~Taking classes at Pacific Athletic Club, The Gym in Del Mar, and of course Barry’s Bootcamp (a few places I used to work).
~And finally, I plan on seeing all my friends that I’ve missed so much over the past year.
San Diego, I’m on my way!
no, literally on my way. I’m sitting in Chicago waiting for my flight… c’mon, bitches! : )
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  1. i was JUST about to be a big nosy on facebook and ask what you were going to SD for. And then I came here and saw this awesome post!

    You are going to have such a blast! San Diego is amazing! And you’re going to the blog her conf.? so, so neat!

    Have a cold one and soak up some sun for me! Can’t wait to see some pics!

    Have fun doll!

  2. One of my closest friends lives in SD and I LOVE it there! If I move back to the states, I’m going to be all about SD! Have fun!!! xo

  3. In-N-Out. Yep.

    You never wrote me back about guest posting…yah or nay, girlfriend?!

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