Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

The SNKCR Ride is fundraising bike ride that goes from the western coast of Canada, to the eastern. It’s 7,000 km (over 4300 miles) and 17 days long! All riders have been furiously fundraising for this endeavor this year to raise money for kids living with and beyond cancer. My good friend and fellow TRX Master Instructor, Shelley Wood is participating (again) this year and I just wanted to highlight her for her awesome work in this organization… and because she’s a badass.

All photos jacked from her facebook page. ; ) 

Dipping wheels in the water at the end (I think) of last year’s ride. 

The route. 
(or last year’s route… regardless, it’s long)

To donate to this wonderful organization 
and raise money for kids living with and beyond cancer, click here
And follow Shelley’s blog here
For EVERYONE on this ride, best wishes and safe riding. 
Thank you for everything you’re doing. 
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  1. She is def. beyond awesome. LOVE HER.

  2. LOVE HER!

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