See EVERYTHING in one day.

Boston, MA and Newark, NJ

When I teach the TRX certifications in different cities it’s a whirlwind. I fly in, go to sleep, teach the next day, then fly out that night. Yes, I get to go to a lot of cool cities, but a few hours here and there leaves me without a lot of time for seein’ the sights. BUT on my next two trips, I’m flying in a bit early so I have an ENTIRE day to see stuff. What do I SEE though?!

Today, I’m enlisting the help of you, readers. If you’ve ever been to/lived in Newark/Bayville, New Jersey, let me know what I could do there.
AND if you’ve ever been to/lived in Boston/Beverly Massachusetts, let me know what I HAVE to see here. There are obviously 1,001 things that I know of to do in Boston, but I’ve never been, and only have 1 day of roaming before I have to skirt out.
Now, I can totally go online and google everything that I need, but I want to hear some first-hand knowledge from you. Your job is to make my stay enjoyable and worthwhile (see how I just gave you a job? And you were trying to sit back, relax, and be entertained by reading blogs). So think of things to do and then tell them to me! Impress me with your worldly experiences! Go! I’ll be here waiting…
All joking aside, I’d appreciate it. Thanks buddies, in advance! ; )
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  1. Oh:(
    I haven’t been anywhere like that!

    BUT….After YOU have been…you can share it with me:))))

  2. i went to college near beverly, ma (and am going out for a visit in two weeks)…but there is not a WHOLE lot to do in bev town. you should ask bridget from itsahuntlife, but i guess i would suggest getting a drink at wild horse. so delicious.

  3. have fun x

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  5. oh and lookie here, bridget from itsahuntlife coming in to offer some advice.

    so, bev is ok. the surrounding towns are pretty awesome- manchester by the sea (purely to look at gorgeous homes right on the ocean and the ocean itself) but boston has tons…
    north end… fanueil hall… beacon hill.. ACTUALLY you should really just look at this. elizabeth has a really good boston guide that includes everything i would tell you.

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