Shit Ami Says…

My friend, Scotty D, is one my favorite people. He’s effing hilarious and was one of the first people I showed the Shit Girls Say video to, because me and my roomie say half of that ish to him… on a daily basis. He wasn’t really phased because he’d actually shown the video to Tamara himself first, like a week before I ever saw it… whatever. That’s neither here nor there. He did however, send over this list this morning of shit I say. And I’ll admit, it’s pretty spot on. And pretty hilarious.
(I’ll go ahead and apologize to those of you reading this
that don’t actually know me or spend time with me…
it’s probably not going to be as entertaining for you.
My bad.)
Can you open this?
I got this shit.
Do you have heated seats?
This song is my JAM!
(followed by spontaneous dancing)
I slept for 10 hours last night.
Food baby.
Girl, I got these shoes/this purse/this hat for FIVE dollars.
It’s super fun.
It’s so cold.
(teeth chattering, arms straight down at her sides)
I’m out of town that weekend.
Punch bug!
Bye buddy, I love you, I’ll be back
(to Tango)
I was with my boyfriend, Ryan Gosling/
my boyfriend, Matthew McConaughey/
my boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds, etc.
Can I have a mint?
Knock that ish out!
Dot Com.
Pull your car in forwardwise.
haha… good job, Scott. good job.
If you had your own list, what would be on it?
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  1. How chilly is your behind that you ask for heated seats on a regular basis? Chilly butt!
    Oh and I say these quite a bit too…
    Can you open this?
    Food baby.
    Bye buddy, I love you, I’ll be back (I say this to Fifty every time I leave as I pat his head)
    And, from now on, I will start saying “this song is my jam” in honor of you.
    Merry Christmas Ami! 🙂

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