Snow day…

I received this photo from my husband last night on my way home from Cincinnati. (There was a blizzard during my TRX course so driving home was “fun”. And when I say “fun”, I mean “miserable”.) But this photo made it better. He wrote it in the snow while taking Tango out.

I also got sick this weekend so I’ve had to cancel all my clients today. This is “fun” too.
The actual fun in all this is that today is a snow day for all the school kids, AND my husband stayed home with me, made me breakfast and brought it to me in bed, and then watched Julie and Julia* with me. He’s the best. Makes being sick not so bad… and our morning date was fun. The real fun, not the fun in quotations.
This is also Conrad’s first snow day. (Poor thing has never had one since he grew up in SoCal.) He’s liking it so far…
*SUCH a good movie. I wish I’d read the book.
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  1. so strange to think that is was literally hot here this weekend and it was blizzarding elsewhere. glad you had your hubs to keep you company. i’ve been sick as a dog too.
    ps. i don’t tweet…not really sure i understand how to do it

  2. Awww… what a cute message from the hubby!!

  3. looooove julie and julia!

  4. Breakfast in bed AND Julie and Julia… HEAVEN (minus the sickness of course)

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