So I just found out Churchill sees ghosts…


Back story: My roomie is away at her Grad School intensive this summer which means I’ve got the house to myself… along with my dog, Tango, her dog, Churchill, and her 3 cats. Since I travel nearly weekly for work, we’ve got a lot of house/dog-sitters lined up to take care of our crew whenever we’re away.

Sunday: I get back from my trip, walk in the door, and let the dogs out of their rooms to go outside, as per our usual routine. Tango heads for the door, Churchill comes down the hallway and stops. He won’t take a step farther. I assumed maybe he didn’t need to go and let him hang there. I go about my unpacking and start to prep for my work week and later realize he hadn’t left that spot in the hall. I try to coax him into the living room to hang, but her refuses, so I let it go. Later, before we head to sleep, I tell the dogs to go outside one last time. Tango heads out, Churchill stands up, but won’t move. I grab him by the collar and give him a little tug, which usually gets him going, and he plants his feet down, and tries with all his might to stay. I pull harder and he blots through the living room, through the kitchen, and outside. I have to do the same thing to get him back through to his room later.

Monday: He does the same routine in the morning to go outside. He even passes on his food to keep from going through the living room again. I text our house sitter, Kristin to see if something happened to him in the living room over the weekend that’s making him act weird. Churchill has been known to be scared of the vacuum cleaner, the broom, my hair brush, and a pair of boots, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was suddenly scared of the chair.

photo 1

Tuesday: I was hoping he’d snap out of it by that point, but he still hadn’t so I text my roomie to see if he’s done anything like this in the past (so I don’t start freaking myself out). This was her response. Pardon the language in my response…

photo 2

Then she sent me a video of him acting the SAME way a couple years ago. It was identical to how he was acting that day: him starting to come into the living room, but then backing away, over and over again!

My backstory: I love scary movies, but the downside of watching a million of them is that my mind just goes there when weird things start happening. The sounds of the cats playing in the house at night? That’s definitely a ghost trying to screw with me and get me to leave the house. The dogs barking like crazy outside? Some predator is now mere steps from my house trying to steal me. Tango’s paws scraping the side of his kennel as he’s running in his sleep? HOLY SHIT, there’s a blood thirsty psychopath trying to get in my door and is going to chop me up into little pieces!!! A neighbor knocking on the front door to say hello? That’s a serial killer planning to murder me. For sure. Soooooo you see, my mind tends to put itself in defense mode from scary movie scenarios way faster than I can stop it.

Back to Tuesday afternoon: I tried to not consider any supernatural explanations from the start (I’m an excellent compartmentalizer, so this was easy to block out) but NOW, after those texts messages and the video… I just went from calm to FREAKED THE EFF OUT in about 5 seconds. I refused to accept that though, so I didn’t speak to any “it.”

Last night: After another whole day of Churchill acting weird, crying a little and totally freaking me out further, I decided to let him sleep in my room with me and Tango. But as I put his bed in my room and tried to get him to come there, he refused again. I tried pulling his collar to get him into the doorward, but he hunkered down and started shaking. WHAT THE HELL?! I thought he was freaked out by the living room doorway, not MINE.

soooooo I asked “it” to please leave.

You feel really good about yourself when you’re talking out loud to your house (NOT), but there was no other option at that point. I’ll be damned if I was going to go to try to sleep feeling like there was “something” in our house, let alone in my bedroom.

Today: Everything’s back to normal.



Anybody else experienced something like that?

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