Some things you never learn…


Do you ever have those things you NEVER seem to learn from? Mistakes you make over and over again? I’m talking the little ones, not the big ones. (I don’t think many people make huge mistakes more than once or twice.) There are some mistakes I seem to always repeat… I realize it, but I still do it. So this list is an attempt to put them out there, pay more attention, and not repeat them. Here goes: 

1. Don’t try to multi-task while doing laundry. 


I need more than two hands to count the number of times I’ve done a load of laundry without putting in detergent. Just the other day I came downstairs to a washer full of water with no clothes in it. I’d started it, then run upstairs to answer the phone, then started doing the dishes… I need to focus when it’s laundry time.

2. Necessary is spelled with one C, two Ss. 


One C! Two Ss. I do it backwards every time. Every damn time. I always have to google it since I’ll type it and the red squiggly spell-check-line-of-death comes up. Frustrates me to no end. One C. Two Ss.


3. Don’t throw away the gum wrapper. You’ll need it to spit it back out. 


I do a lot of driving. I keep gum in my console as it distracts me while I’m on longer road trips. I always ball up the wrapper and toss it somewhere in the floorboard to throw away later. Then, an hour later, when my gum is flavorless and hard as a rock, I can’t find the damn wrapper and have to keep chewing until the next rest stop. I refuse to spit it out the window. Bird may try to eat it and die or it’ll stick to the side of my car if I don’t spit far enough. <—- that’s happened to me twice.

4.  Don’t go to the grocery hungry. 


Since going to the grocery sucks, I always put it off until there’s no food left in the house. Then I go on my way home from a workout which means I’m ravenous. This doesn’t necessarily (<— one C! two Ss! It’s working already) mean I buy more food. It means I buy non-food. Toaster Strudles or donuts or something stupid. New Rule:When the food starts to get low, it’s time to go to the grocery.

5. Don’t go to Target when you have time to kill.



If you’re female, you get this. Target has a $20 cover charge… on a good day. If I go when I’m in a hurry, I’ll get what I came for and nothing else. Usually. I mean… I try.

Which mistakes do you tend to repeat?

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