Spiders & Bugs: 4, Ami: 0

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I don’t know what it is about this year but the spiders and bugs are just horrendous. In San Diego they keep blaming the heat and humidity on the fact that it’s an El Nino year… So now they’re blaming the bug infestations on that too. I’m just going to start blaming everything on El Nino from here on out.

Incident #1 – Spider vs. Ami’s hair

About a month ago, I took Tango for a walk one morning and then came inside to fix breakfast, our usual routine. I’d been inside for about 10 minutes when I felt something in my hair. I assumed it was a piece of leaf but when I went to pull it out and it wiggled, I FLIPPED OUT. I pulled at it again and threw it across the room. Then killed it. I try not to kill spiders because I know they eat bugs and mosquitos and all, but IT WAS IN MY HAIR. And it had been in there for at least 10 minutes by that point. R.I.P., dude.

Incident #2 – Fleas vs. Tango vs. Ami’s apartment

I realized after seeing Tango scratching incessantly last week that he had fleas. I freaked and took him to buy every flea product there is at PetSmart. We flea shampooed and I pulled dozens of them off him. I gave him two treatments of Frontline. I washed all my clothes, my bedding, and his bedding. Twice. I vacuumed and cleaned every corner of my apartment, and then vacuumed it again. We went to the vet to get a pill and a cortisone shot where the vet told me these fleas looked grown, healthy, and vivacious. {Flat line eyed emoji} We came home washed everything again, vacuumed again. They seem to finally be gone now… but every time I see a speck of dirt or sand or a hair touches my arm… I FLIP OUT.

Incident #3 – Spider vs. Ami’s car

Monday, we went up to Solana Beach to go for a beach walk before meeting my friend Brenna and her hubs for breakfast. While on the freeway, a spider just drops on down from my sun visor, headed straight toward my lap. Knowing that people have crashed their cars and died because they were distracted by a spider in their car, I slowly reached toward my glove box for my stash of napkins, while keeping one eye on the spider and one eye on the freeway. As soon as I sat back up, he shot back up towards the visor. I was able to grab him though and squish him to death. Luckily, it was morning and very few cars were on the highway. I have no idea if I swerved or not, I’m just happy to be alive.

Incident #4 – I can’t even walk out of my damn house.

I open the door this morning to take Tango out and felt a spider web go straight across my chest and arms. Heebie jeebies… times 2… first thing thing in the damn morning. I walked out of my place two hours later and walked into a new web.


I’m over this shit.

Any of you getting attacked on the daily?

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  1. Ashley Hembree says

    Ryan and I talk about the amount of spiders around at least 10x/week……the struggle is real….KY, CA….it doesn’t matter they are everywhere. Sending you a pic now of a spider web at the lake that was as big as Ryan’s truck- what.the.hell!

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