Steppin’ Out…

First, how do you like my hew header? Thanks to Bridget for hookin’ me up!

Second, guess who has tickets to see Tony Bennett tonight?! If you said anybody other than me… that’s just weird. : ) His voice is awesome, his career has spanned decades, this guy is a legend. And all of my friends that are making fun of me for skipping a party tonight to go see him can suck it. The man is 81 years old! Still performing! I’m not missing it.

In other news, I’m going climbing tomorrow, weather permitting. We’ve been foiled by Ma Nature once already… hopefully we’ll be good to go tomorrow. Happy Weekend everybody!
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  1. Ugh, how fun! He’s a LEGEND, you can’t say no.

  2. so jealous that you get to see tony!!!

  3. That’s awesome! And I love the header!

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