Stylish Blogger Award!

Thanks Sara, From Le Petit Village . Do you read her blog? Well you should because she cracks my ish up!
Woot Woot! It’s my blog’s first award! I feel like I should take photos or something, like when you document your kid’s first steps. Um, not sure what to take a photo of though… my computer with the blog page up? Anywho, I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about me. I’m not sure what types of things, but I’m going to tell you things you might not already know. Here goes:

1. I’m actually a blonde. “Gasp!” Maybe I’ll prove it to you with my childhood photos one day… maybe not though since I had a horribly large head, buck teeth, and you don’t even wanna know how long it took me to grow into these lips…
2. I’m a very clumsy person in tennis shoes. Doesn’t seem right, huh? Dancer that’s clumsy… But I walk better in 4 inch heels than I do in any type of athletic shoe. And given that I live my life barefoot or wearing Nikes, I trip a lot.
3. I hate running. I know as a fitness professional I should be running marathons and doing Ironman competitions like it’s my job (cause it kind of is) but I couldn’t think of anything more horrible that doing the same movement for 3+ hours. Ick. I get my 2-3 miles in and I’m out and on to the next thing. This doesn’t mean I look down on runners, it’s just not MY thing.
4. My favorites: Song: Over the Rainbow (all versions). Show: I Love Lucy. Movie: The Parent Trap (Haley Mills, original version). Geez, I should have lived in the 50s. Eep.
5. For two months, in San Diego, I used to have to climb a palm tree in order to get into an apartment building every night because I was living in my friend’s living room and couldn’t copy the door key.
6. I once worked for the Louisville Water Co. during the summer (my dad worked there and family members can work college co-ops during the summers) where I wore Dickies, steel-toed boots, and drove around crazy sweeper trucks and right-side-steering wheel Meter Reading Jeeps. It was fun.
7. When I was 19 years old, I dropped all my classes one semester to go to Athens, Greece by myself for 2 weeks. Don’t regret it. I still finished college on time. : )
So there you have it. I will now pass on this award to a few of my favorite bloggers because they are fab and I wish we could all hang out and grab coffee once a week:
Ahnika over at Living With Mr. Johnson
Tash from The Chirpy Bird
Bridget at Tales of Me and The Husband
Carrie of This Free Bird
Ashley from Run With Me
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  1. I was addicted to the original Parent Trap when I was a kid! I used to drive my mother nuts because every weekend I’d rent it over and over! Occasionally I switched it up and rent the cartoon version of Robin Hood but only occasionally. Love the Parent Trap!

  2. thanks ami! you da bomb.

    and love number 7.

  3. Sara G. says

    My favorite is #5. 😉 Aw, good memories!!! Miss you!!! And congrats. Your blog ALWAYS makes me smile….it’s so YOU.

  4. who doesn’t love the parent trap with hay mills? classic.

  5. If you ever need a parent trap buddy, I’m yours.

  6. Danielle says

    I literally watched it last night. Such a good flick!

  7. Congrats on your award!! So exciting!!! I’m envious 😉

  8. i wish we could have coffee every day too! thanks so much – this is awesome (no, YOU are awesome!)i can’t believe you are a blondie! crazy! 🙂

  9. the hubs says

    I just learned something new about you.

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