Suggestions for Roma?

It’s way more fun to say “Italia” and “Roma”
so that’s how I’ll be referring to them from here out. 
We know we really want to see the Coliseum, the Spanish Steps, and Vatican City. 
We’ve been told to go to the Coliseum and the Spanish Steps at night
(for fewer tourists, better lighting, etc)
and then we’ll probably hit up Vatican City on our 2nd day. 
We only have a couple days here in Roma so we’re open to any 
“off the beaten path” sights/scenes. 
Who’s been? Got any recommendations for us? 
(High five to those of you who suggested places via twitter!)
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  1. I really loved this spot: the knights of malta – there is a keyhole you can see through there, the vatican, and rome, meaning you are looking through 3 countries!

  2. Also “Pizza Art” is a huge local spot where they cut off however much pizza you want with scissors

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