Sunspots are my JAM

Sometimes you just need a quiet place to think… 
A warm, quiet place. 
Like the sunspot in your entryway, perhaps? 
T took this photo today…  
Anybody else like the sunspots in the floor? 
 Tang and I do!
This is from San Diego, a couple years ago… 
Sunspots are our JAM. 
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  1. Ha! I do this exact same thing! I dont care where the spots are but I will just lay and take in those rays. Glad to see I am not the only one 😉

    Happy Monday,

  2. nothing quite like the feeling of pure & direct sunlight – i could lay in the sun forever if i weren’t so damn pale

  3. I love a good sunspot. Fifty lays in them all day! That’s all he does. Lazy ass.

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