Convos With Kiddos: Round 2

If you’re new around here, I have two bonus sons. Tristen has just turned 9 years old and Robin is 7. As with all kids, they say some funny shit. I forget so much of it, but I try to keep a running list in my Notes app on my phone. Here are some of the recent faves I managed to jot down immediately after:

Scene: Tristen got the game “Bop It” for his birthday.

Me: “Awesome! I used to love that game when I was kid.”

Tristen: “Wow. I didn’t know Bop It was a ¬†really¬†really old game.”

Me: …

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Convos With Kiddos: Post-Wedding Edition


So things have been a bit busy lately…

For those of you that aren’t connected on social media, I’ll catch you up: [Read more…]

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Convos with Kiddos…


I love reading other bloggers’ posts on the conversations they have with the kiddos in their lives. My man-friend has two really sweet boys: R is 4 years old and is a wild child. He’s very, very sweet and full of vigor. T is 6 years old. He’s super sweet as well, incredibly smart (doesn’t miss a beat) and keeps us all on our toes. I’ve tried to keep track of all the incredibly hilarious ish they’ve said, but I always forget to write it down. These are the convos that stick out the most:

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