I Confess…

1) I confess that I’ve never been able to curl my hair. EVER.

I’ve never known how, it’s too thin and fine, and it won’t hold a curl for more than 15 minutes before it falls flat. I’ve get insanely frustrated every time I try… I just usually end up straightening it back out just so I can leave the house.¬†Even professional hair stylists haven’t been able to get it to hold a curl. UNTIL my BFF, Amanda curled mine with this Sedu wand and it actually worked! And held! *angels singing*

2) I confess that I just spent $100 on this Sedu clipless wand. (ridiculous)

3) I confess that it’s Tuesday afternoon. I have no need to be fancy. But I curled my hair anyway. BECAUSE I CAN!!!

4) I confess I took way too many selfies because of this ish. #curlyhairdontcare

fact: black & white filters make everything more attractive.

photo 1

The wand and the product I used: photo 2

The before and after editions:photo 3

The finished product: VICTORY!photo 4

Curly hair is glorious. I may do this every day. Don’t judge.

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