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A Yogi, A Dancer, & A Dog… in the Red River Gorge

Tango and I went camping and hiking with my girlfriend, Taylor in the Red River Gorge last weekend. It was the perfect, short getaway for the holiday. We just went for one night as we both had obligations over the other days, but we scored the most perfect weather, so it was well worth it.

The Red River Gorge is just under a two-hour drive from Louisville so it was nice to get the out-of-town, vacay feeling, without the grueling long drive that usually accompanies it. We camped at Miguel’s (because that’s what you do) and hiked all around. We had to steer clear of the Natural Bridge State Park area because all the trails in that section are anti-pets… <—DUMB.

When you go outdoors with a yogi and a dancer, you get LOTS of posed photos.

Hidden Arch


Slackline fun at the campground.



Tango loves road trips & camping (like his mom). He was STOKED… to say the least.



We had tons of great food, but these strawberries were the best. IMG_8737

Sights along the way:




There are a million cool trails to hike, but our favorite was the Double Arch.

Really cool underneath, perfect for photo ops.

 Really tiny in between the two arches, I don’t recommend trying to squeeze in there (like I did).

 You can even scramble up to the top ledge and cruise around up there!

6936173630_9cbc04a2a1_zview from the opposite side via

Here’s what it looks like underneath:


The space between the two arches was a little tight… but I made it happen.



And up on the very top level:



I can’t do handstands… or a scorpion… so I went halfsies.





Until next time…

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