Investing In Yourself


I’m very excited about my upcoming move/road trip with Tango. Not only does a couple months roaming around out west fill my “wanderlust” cup but it also gives me the opportunity to slow the hell down and focus on myself (and my dog) for a couple months.

One of the things I used to do a lot was invest in my professional education. When I lived in San Diego, I was lucky that so many great fitness companies were right there or within driving distance. I could go to a number of conferences and workshops every year and was continuously learning, implementing what I’ve learned, and becoming better. It’s not that I haven’t been to any conferences these last few years, but I’ve just working at them instead of learning at them. The same goes for most of my weekends spent teaching TRX Education. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE those weekends… but teaching instead of learning isn’t getting me anywhere farther. And it’s hard to forfeit a free weekend these days when I’ve had so many weekends away from home. So the fact that I’m quitting most of my work for 2.5 months will give me some much needed time to step away from things and focus on what I want to learn.

One of my resolutions this year was to take some of the fitness workshops I’ve been wanting to take for a while now. I’m excited to say that I’ve recently received my materials to study for the Precision Nutrition certification, I just signed up for the Barefoot Training Summit (barefoot training is a huge passion of mine), and I’m currently trying to find 3 weekends that I’ll be available to take the Muscle Activation Techniques certification. Booyah!

But wait! These certs and workshops cost money!

And if I’m not working, I’ll have less money! What the hell am I doing?!

Investing! You usually can’t get something for nothing, so you’ve got to earn it. You don’t have a well-paying job at 18 years old, but if you invest in your college education, you have a better shot at one. You aren’t guaranteed the top spot at your company the first day on the job, but if you invest your time and energy (and sometimes money) to learning all that you can about your field, you’ll have many more opportunities as you go along. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but you certainly have a better shot at doing well if you’ve made a conscious effort to learn more along the way.



The Sacrifice.

So. All this ish costs money. It’s not like this money is falling out of the sky and into my lap right now. And this post isn’t me recommending that you drop everything you’re doing, abandon your family, and throw a bunch of ish on your credit cards. That’s the opposite of moving forward. It’s me saying that if you want to, plan it out and make it happen. A lot of planning has gone into this trip. Over a year’s worth!

After paying off all my debt, I’ve been saving like a madman these past several months to be able to make this trip (and these events) happen. I’ve set a strict budget so I don’t come back to reality a financial wreck. For the next several months I will not be spending money on anything but the necessities. Tango and I will be camping most of the time (which is ok by me, but I might smell if you get too close, so you’ve been warned). I’ll be eating only meals that can be eaten raw or cooked over a camp stove; soooo a lot of oatmeal, fruits/veggies, and peanut butter in my future. The car that I was hoping to buy at the end of the year will most likely have to wait another year or so, so that I can save more for my downpayment. No more eating out for dinner. No shopping. You get the picture…

But all that is ok because I know with all that time outdoors with my dog, I’ll get to hike and play and revel in the sunshine and the fresh air. I know that I won’t have to wake up at 5am! At night I’ll get to read my nutrition books in peace by the light of my headlamp. I’ll get to take the time to figure out my camera and take wonderful photos to show you guys where all I’ve been. While driving all over creation I’ll get to visit new places and take these courses that will fill these cups that have been clanking around for attention for quite some time.

So while some people may look at these future months of mine as homeless and broke, I will look at them as exploratory and rich. Investing in yourself and what you need is never a waste of time or energy. Being the best YOU you can be is beneficial to yourself as well as everyone around you. So if there’s a part of you that needs attention, please don’t ignore it. If you’ve got to invest time, money, or energy into making it happen, please do! Find a way to do it. Talk to those closest to you to see if they can help you out. You may not have the ability to take a couple months off but maybe you could take a night class once a week to get that degree you’ve needed for a raise. Maybe you could work some overtime to pay for a certification that will give you some new skills. Chat with a friend to see if you could swap child-care so you can have some alone time once a week. Whatever you need, GO FOR IT.

Only you can make things better for yourself. Be a beast at it.

What are you needing to invest in these days?

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