TRX Bootcamp Workout: 40/30/20/10

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a workout, but this one is pretty fun! My man-friend did something similar with these reps a while back, then I started doing it for my workout occasionally, so I put this together for my bootcamp class. It’s great for your own workout, or to implement in your classes if you’re an instructor. It’s a lunge, squat, push, pull and you can add rotation/hinges if you want to complete the foundational movements. Give it to your classes and tell ’em, “From Ami, with love.”  ; )

How it works:

For an hour long class, you’ll want about 4 exercises. Make sure you have equipment enough for each participant (you can modify if you have limited equipment).

First Round: You do 40 reps of each of the 4 or 5 exercises.

2nd Round: You do 30 reps of each.

3rd Round: You do 20 reps.

4th Round: You do 10 reps of each. (This round is awesome!)

At the end of the workout, you will have done 100 reps of each, so 400 totals reps.

Rules: You can take rests during each set, but you must complete all the reps of one exercise before going on to another. (e.g. you can do 10 reps, rest, then another 10, rest, etc). You can use a partner for assistance, motivation, or partner work, but each person has to complete all their own reps. You’re not “sharing the load.”  You can switch the order in which you do the exercises each round, but you must complete all 4 exercises before moving on to the next round. (You must do all your “40s” before you can start on your “30s.”


The exercises I used:

TRX Lunge



TRX Low Rows 

(feet or chest under the anchor point)

10426610_759347664085335_4052363614611924215_nphoto courtesy of lululemon athletica (it’s impossible for me to take a non-cheesy photo)

TRX Pushup

10366234_752051514814950_1725168561609737329_nphoto courtesy of lululemon athletica

SandBell Slams


This is about all you have time for in an hour long class (if you’re doing a proper warm-up and cool-down), but if you’re training a bunch of BEASTS, or you are one yourself, you can add a short running interval in between rounds. My Bootcampers had to run a quick lap around the building after each round.



*Programming for equipment: Since I have 11 TRX Suspension Trainers, and 16 bootcampers this morning, I needed a couple exercises that were on different equipment or no equipment so everybody wouldn’t be waiting for space to open up. I chose 2 TRX exercises (lunges and low rows, 1 Sandbell (slams), and 2 with no equipment (pushups and run). Some people started with the run and slams to give others time to finish they lunges and rows then then switched around.

*It’s best to have people work with partners or work on their own during this time. In a class setting, everybody’s going to be working at different speeds based on their fitness level. Let them do their thing, you cruise around and coach.

*If you do the lunges: they’ve got to do that number on lunges on EACH leg, so that almost counts as an additional exercise since it’s going to take twice the time. I recommend doing only 4 exercises so that people can fully complete all 4 rounds. The more exercises you add, the longer it will take to complete. The number of exercises can be changed based on time allotted.

* These numbers aren’t set in stone, I just like that they equal 100. They can be adjusted to help with participants’ abilities or class time. Also, my first-time bootcampers had the option of doing just 3 rounds, since a lot of them were new to TRX lunges and going slowly to complete them with great technique. They started with the 30s round, then went to the 20s and 10s. Completing 60 reps of each is still challenging and they were still able to finish the whole thing.

*On the TRX Suspension Trainer, try varying the body positions each round so you’re getting different planes of motion for the lunges and rows! The SandBell Slams can also go from center slams to rainbow slams to mix things up and get some more frontal plane action.

Have FUN!

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

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