Friday’s Letters… on a Wednesday.

Friday’s Letters theme by Ashley.

Dear this weekend (and next), I don’t have to work. Get ready for me.


Dear Tango, you have no idea that we’re going camping with Taylor this weekend, but we are. And you’re going to be stoked!


Dear Taylor, our camping trip this weekend is my jam. I wish we had this sweet van to cruise in. We’ll have to figure out an equally awesome photo with my Mazda hatchback…in the woods…  ; )


Dear Girl in the Waiting Room with the German Sentence Tattooed on Your Boobs, now that you’re very, very pregnant and your boobs are even larger than they were when you got that tattoo (I’m assuming) your massive cleavage blocks out an entire word and I can’t read it. Your low-cut top suggests you want people to read it… think about that the next time you get a tattoo in that region.

large-1classier boob tat via

Dear 5cm Ovarian Cyst. I don’t have time for you and you’re seriously screwing up my active life. I need you to go away. Soon. As in… sooner than the 4 -6 week time frame the Dr. says it takes.

Dear The Internet, you don’t have to be SO forthcoming with all your info. I just went from reading that ovarian cysts go away on their own, to reading that they cause cancer, to reading that you might never be able to have children if they’re severe enough. That’s a bit aggressive. You should save some of those scarier articles for page 2 of the Google search results.


Dear Lululemon, your Coastal Tank is my new jam. So light and airy, SPF 50 (who knew your clothes could block UV rays?) I even wore it out to a fancy evening with just a strapless bra underneath. High five. Now please make more, because you’re sold out and I’d like one in another color.  : )


Dear The Book Of Mormon (the musical), you are coming to Louisville and I can’t wait to see you!!! I’ve been needing a good show to see and I’ve been wanting to see you for years now. PUMPED.

ny book of mormonvia

Dear Summer, I’m super glad you’re on the way. Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being barefoot most of the day and the perfect temperature for long evening walks with Tango and Churchill this week.

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Love, Ami


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