Canadian Holiday: Cross Country Ski Date


On last year’s Christmas visit,(My Big, Fat Canadian Holiday) my man-friend took me skate-skiing. Since skate skiing felt completely ridiculous I suggested we go classic cross-country skiing this trip. He obliged and off we went! [Read more…]

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It’s snowing in Canada this week… seriously.

photo 5

Thank goodness for the Weather Channel app and its 10 day forecast, without which I might never have known that I would be going from sweating (in shorts, flip flops, and tank) on Monday afternoon, to bundled up (in my down jacket, scarf, and snow boots) by Monday night. #shitthathappenswhenyouvisityourCanadianmanfriend. At least that 10 day forecast prepared me to pack all my winter-weather essentials, and scour the basement for my snow boots, before I left for the airport.

It was a little bit of a bummer to arrive here in the snow, as we were looking forward to climbing, trail running, and mountain biking this week, buuuut it is really pretty to look at and play in. Here we were yesterday morning… all bundled up, taking T & R to school. Building snowmen and having snowball fights with a bunch of kids and parents is my new, preferred way to start a school day in a bunch of unexpected snow.

photo 4

photo 3


And I’ll never turn down an office with a fireplace, a blanket, my morning tea and warm clothes. Hasthag cozy! The nice thing about being here this week is that it’s giving me a chance to catch up on a ton on computer work I’ve been needing to do… expenses, upcoming programming, travel booking, etc.

Thankfully, this snow isn’t normal for September around here. It happens occasionally, but it’s nice and warm more often than not. I was visiting this same week last year and we were canoeing the river… in shorts. This place is keeping me on my toes, that’s for sure. #OhCanada


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