Sunshine. Sunroof. Sunglasses. We are in love with any word that begins with S-U-N today. It’s been a glorious day and I think the entire city is just glad that there hasn’t been any precipitation in the past 24 hrs and the clouds are nowhere in sight. Is it me or has this been the cloudiest winter in a while? It may just be that it’s that point in the season when we just can’t take any more cold…

¬†After a million weekends away, (and another trip coming up in 4 days) I’ve been enjoying this weekend at home immensely. I’ve been sick all week so not having to wake up by an alarm clock was¬†EVERYTHING. I stayed in bed until 10am in this morning, much to Tango’s annoyance.


But I made up for it…

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He spent the morning lying in the sun in the driveway while my roomie and I cleaned the house. We then went to our local park and walked the 2.5 mile loop (twice!) before cruising back. We stopped at Farmington on the way home so he could run amok offleash, which he did… through the mud. He chased the ball exactly 4 times (he will never fetch more than that) and then we came home, only to go back outside to the backyard. He slept next to me while I read my book and just when the wind picked up and my shorts got to be a little too chilly, we came back in. Not that that’s stopped him from soaking up a little bit more though.

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He’s just like his mother…

How did you spend your Sunday?

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