Tango & Farmington.

When walking Tango, I kind of like to run things in two phases: The first, letting him do his bidness (duh) and working on heeling or other commands. The second, letting him run all out for a good 20 or 30 minutes. The dog’s got some major energy. He’s not the best around other dogs, so we don’t go to dog parks (he was a street dog when he was picked up, then taken to a kill shelter, then adopted… so he’s got some anxiety issues…) but our favorite place is Farmington. Farmington was this huge plantation back in the day (Lincoln even visited a few times) and is now mostly a historical site and sometimes wedding venue. It’s not too far from where I live so it makes a great walking destination. It’s now frequented by many folks and their dogs throughout the day as it’s a great place to walk/run away from any major traffic. Tango and I go there a few times per week. It’s especially beautiful at dawn and twilight because it’s so pretty, quiet, and peaceful.

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  1. gorgeous pictures!

  2. Tango looks very happy there.

  3. did you take these photos?? they are gorgeous!! hope all is well dear!

  4. Jessica and Ashley, yes I took the photos and thanks for the props! It was a good, sunny day for the iPhone! Got great photos with it and was pumped (since I never actually use my “real” camera. : )

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