Tango Friday

The good news is this is the last weekend I have to go out of town to teach a TRX course (out of town for 7 weekends in a row now!). The other good news is that this course in only an hour away, AND I’m staying with my college girlfriend, Kara AND I get to meet her little girl, Rylee, AND I’ll be home Saturday night to go out with my hubs! It’s gonna be a great weekend.
And here are some photos of the Tang from this week. Because he’s adorable. As always. Happy Friday!

Head on the seat instead of the window. It was cold.

Playing with Dasher, his BFF/GF.
Cuddled up with me to read. I swear this won’t be our couch forever.
He loves reading blogs too.
Insert your best Tango Halloween Evil Laugh here.
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  1. Lol, your doggie has a bf? Too cute.

    You’re a climber? Awesome. What kind of climbing do you do? In? Outdoors?


  2. Dang it, that was supposed to either read “bff” or “gf.”

  3. Hehe….those 2 look hilarious….grinning ear to ear at the door.
    T-R-O-U-B-L-E is knocking:))
    Love ’em….
    (And your couch is just fine;)

  4. hahahaha he’s so stinking cute.

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