Tango Friday

I’ve seen a few dog posts this week and Tango got a bit jealous that he hasn’t had his own post… so I’m putting up the cutest shots of his (taken with my iPhone in moments of “aww, look at him”). Mostly of him sleeping, others of him waking up while I’m trying to catch him sleeping.


This is him with his buddy, Zeke.
Laying with me on the floor.

Sleeping against the wall. Comfy.
“Mom let me in the bed! SCORE (don’t tell Dad).”

Head out of the kennel. Driving across country is tough.
“Mom likes laying in the sun. Me too.”
“I’m helping.”
Ear over the head. Tongue out of the mouth. SEXY BEAST.

“I’m trying to sleep and you’re taking photos? Again?”

Happy Friday everybody! Enjoy the weekend! I’m off to Michigan to teach another awesome group of trainers how to use the TRX! See you Monday!
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  1. hehe…love the “trying to sleep“ picture, and of course the Sexy Beast:)
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  2. What breed is your dog? hes adorable

  3. So cute. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Oh my goodness how adorable is Tango?! He looks like the perfect cuddle buddy 🙂

  5. Haha he’s adorable!

    Love Grace.

  6. Thanks guys! @in_n_out we’re not sure what breed he is. He was a rescue and total street dog when we got him from LA last year. The vets were guessing he’s part Australian Shepherd, but we don’t really know. He’s 100% adorable though, huh? ; )

  7. OK not fair, I want your dog! 😉

  8. he is soooo cute!!

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