Tea Revelation…

I like green tea in the mornings… 
So, most mornings, I put water on the stove to boil, 
and nine times out of ten 
I start doing something else and forget about it.
And when I return
there’s hardly any water left,
as it’s been left to boil for about 30 minutes…
So I thought to myself, out loud unfortunately,
“They should really invent something 
that tells you when your tea water is ready…” 
Oh yeah. 
They did.

So now I’m in the market for a tea kettle.
These are cute:

Wha? It’s cute and all, but for $70 
it better pour my tea for me. 
BUT on sale for $49.99
mm hmm
Target: $19.99
that’s what I’m talkin’ about
Is there a need for a $70 tea kettle that I’m unaware of? 
If not, I’m sticking with the $20 one… 
I mean, it just boils water and whistles… right? 
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  1. I use my keurig to make water for tea all the time. I have a tea kettle but I rarely use it. If I don’t use my keurig, I microwave the water for a minute and a half and it’s hot for tea.

  2. we have an electric kettle and it boils super fast, is efficient, has auto shutoff, and though doesn’t whistle like a stove kettle, it definitely sounds different so you know when it is boiling.

  3. I do this when I’m boiling eggs, I just walk off and forget all about them. I’m a total idiot.
    And I really like the green kettle myself because it’s super pretty and I love green, but I hate it’s price tag. $70 is lame.

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