Texas, Here I Come!


Two cities I’ve always wanted to check out, but have never been to, are Austin and San Antonio, Texas. I travel a lot for work, but don’t usually get to go southwest from Kentucky, as a few of our other instructors are near already. However, I’m FINALLY getting sent to Austin this weekend and couldn’t be more pumped. In addition, I have an extra free day now, so I get to cruise to San Antonio as well. #doublewhammy

I’ve had all kinds of restaurant/bar recommendations from friends so far: Uchi, Jackalope, La Condessa, and lots of BBQ places. I have no doubt it’s going to be an awesome time. I’ve got some colleagues that live there that I’ll get to see and am looking forward to just exploring. One of the best parts about traveling is getting to check out a new place and not be pressed for time. Plus, there’s just something about going South…

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Work and play… either way, I’m just looking forward to a fun weekend in Texas. Although I want an excuse to pack and wear my cowboy boots, it’s going to be a million degrees, so that one’s up for debate…



Anybody live in Austin or San Antonio and have MUST see/do recommendations? Shoot!

Happy Friday!

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