Thanksgiving Day Fitness Tips

I’m not even gonna pretend that I don’t love Thanksgiving food. I’m sure we all do. However,  if you’re currently trying to get in shape and worried about calories this year, here are a couple tips to help you enjoy the day without going overboard.
1. Work out BEFORE the stuff-your-face-fest. A little boost to the metabolism, ya know? You’ll burn more calories during the day. Take a quick run/fast walk Thanksgiving morning. If you’ve got family in town, try to recruit them to come with you. You don’t have to run 10 miles or anything, but getting your body moving will help. Aim for 20 – 30 minutes, alternating a light pace with a fast pace!
2. Choose REAL foods for your plate: things that were here 500 years ago. Cranberry sauce, from a can, was not here 500 years ago. Go for the turkey and the veggies.
3. Pace yourself: Put small portions on your plate for the first round and eat slowly. A portion is what you could fit in the palm of your hand (your hand, not Shaq’s hand) You won’t choke, you won’t look like the pig at the table, and it helps with the next tip…
4. Finish what’s on your plate, then wait 10-20 minutes before going back for seconds. When you give your body time for the food to reach your stomach, you’ll be full and won’t eat so much the 2nd time around, if you even want seconds by then.
5. If you’re dying for pumpkin pie, eat a piece! Just don’t eat 5 pieces.
I hope you guys enjoy the holiday!!
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  1. So simple…yet so practical and helpful. I’m SO into eating clean lately…just real, whole foods. #2 is so important! Good reminder.

  2. Eat a piece, don’t eat five pieces. Love that!
    My motto has always been, you can have some chocolate cake, just don’t have all the chocolate cake 🙂

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