The BEST Surprise from my Husband & Best Friend

So back in September of last year an event popped up on the calendar I share with Fraser. It read “Special Event. Do not book. THIS MEANS YOU.” It was from a Friday to Monday in October and he wouldn’t tell me anything about it. As it got closer, he told me I’d need to pack a bag and that we’d be going east first. The only thing east of here (for a while at least) was the airport, so I figured we were just going to fly somewhere nearby for a weekend escape – Vancouver, Vegas, etc. We get to the airport and are headed toward Departures when I look over at this girl’s fabulous red hair and there was my best friend, Amanda! Fraser had schemed to get her out here for a full weekend while he was going to take the kids to Revelstoke to visit a friend.

After I ugly-cried, I got REALLY excited.
Seriously… the first minute of the video is me crying… fast forward through.

We drove back home, ordered some pizza, the guys took off for B.C. and we settled in on the couch for a long catch up. We didn’t get a ton of photos, (I mean… we just talked for 4 straight days mostly in our sweatpants), but we did manage to get dressed and get out for a bit of sightseeing.

The Macaroons at Mountain Mercato are insane.

As well as the Baguette Plate with all the cheeses, honey, butter & preserves…

We went to the Banff Springs Hotel for drinks overlooking the mountains.

Isn’t her hair amazing?

And of course, Lake Louise

HUGE thanks to Fraser for planning such an awesome weekend for us.
And to Amanda for leaving her super busy work and family life
to come hang with me for a couple days. I love you both immensely!

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