The Glad Game

*Warning: Seriously cheesy movie clip and post.*
But it’s completely awesome. Promise.
I kind of wanted to be Hayley Mills when I was a kid. The Parent Trap is still, to this day, my favorite movie. Anywho… I loved this movie, Pollyanna. Especially this particular part of it, where she tells everybody about the Glad Game. She grew up poor, without a lot, but her dad taught her that there was always something to be glad about, you just have to find it. So play the Glad Game!
~I’m glad that I wake up 5am every morning to teach bootcamp and train clients so I have the afternoon to take a nap run errands. While everybody else is working, I get the short lines at the bank, grocery, post office, etc.
~I’m glad that I’m self-emplyed. It sucks to have to pay all my own insurance, sure, but I can schedule a trip any time I like and don’t have to ask for time off or worry about deadlines.
~I’m glad that there are 5 animals in the house I’m living in. My dog has plenty of social activity and going for a walk is now WAY more exciting than before.
~ I’m glad to pack a ton of clients into a 3 day week this week so I can leave for Southern California for 10 days on Thursday.
See? I’m in a good mood already. So when your day sucks, play the Glad Game.
You’re welcome for that cheese-tastic blog post! ; )
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  1. i loved haley mills growing up! I still have both The Parent Trap and Pollyanna on VHS! HA!

  2. that was SO cute! i’m smiling so big now.
    i used to watch the parent trap over and over again and recently when it was on i found myself remembering whole sections of dialogue. (especially the hilar vicky parts: “sure you’ll help me, right over a CLIFF you’ll help me!”)

  3. I was all about Hayley Mills when I was a kid! I rented the Parent Trap so much that eventually my parents asked the guy at the video store to hide it whenever he saw me (I wish I was joking about this, but I’m not) xo

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