The Sunshine Awards: Part I

My awesome ex-pat buddy, Sara has passed along the Sunshine Award to me! And since it’s been like a ghost town around this blog for a little while, I’m happy to oblige. Here are the rules: #1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger. #2. Share 11 random facts about yourself. #3. Answer the 11 questions set by your nominating blogger. #4. Nominate 11 bloggers yourself. #5. Post 11 questions for your nominated bloggers to answer.

Since Sara made the executive decision to cut 11 down to 7 
(which I’m totally in line with), I’m only doing 7 as well. Up top, girlfriend! 
Also, since there are 5 steps to this bad boy… it’ll be completed in parts. So here we go with Part I.

#1: Thanks, Sara for this awesome award and giving me something to write. Check.

#2: Here are my random facts: 

1. Doing these award posts always reminds me of the chain letters that would get going when I was in middle school. There was a good month long run that got a lot of us writing our little 11 year old hands off… when we started racking up 100+ letters to write, we finally decided to stick it to the man and called it quits. Can’t say that we haven’t been looking over our shoulders since then…

2. I love popsicles. I recently paid $3 for this HUGE bag of freeze pops (the kind that are just liquid in plastic tubes and you freeze them yourself… every part of the country has different names for them, I just call them popsicles). They’ve lasted for a couple months now and I’ve been loving them. I’ll even eat two in a row, or eat one at breakfast time, just because I can. I LOVE BEING AN ADULT. I bought another bag at the store the other day because I figured they’ll stop selling them soon as the colder months hit. These should last me ’til Christmas. There must be 100 popsicles in there…

3. I love Halloween and dressing up, but I’m the worst at coming up with costume ideas. I always come up with great ideas in February and then forget them by the time October rolls around. I’m the girl at the costume store 4 hours before the party, trying to pick through all the leftover items and piece something together… and I refuse to go as a “sexy” ______

Although this is clever: 


4. As is evident by my blog lately, I’m an “All or Nothing” type of person when it comes to most things: productivity, workouts, relationships, cooking, etc. I’m either in and going full speed ahead, or completely out.

I need to be ALL productivity this week. I’m feeling a little rundown though, so I feel more like this:

5.  This one’s an oldie, but a goodie. Plus, anybody new around here may learn something new about me: I’m naturally blonde. I dyed my hair brunette in 2008 to try something new and to see what it looked like. I think it fits me better than my ashy blonde color, especially in my pale, winter state, so I kept it.

Here’s what I used to look like (with highlights):
Halloween. Circa 2004? 
Bonus points if you can name our Halloween costume. ’cause it’s a hard one… 

6. I’m about as “Type B” as you can get, but when it comes to money and bills, I’m ON IT. No bills are ever paid late, I keep spreadsheets on everything, and my credit score rocks because of it. Too bad I can’t brag about how much money I have… #iliketotravel

7. I’m not a lotion/moisturizer person, but I can’t live without chapstick. I mean… I would if I had to, obviously, but I’d suffer. You know when they ask you what one item you’d choose to have with you if you were trapped on an island? Chapstick for me! These lips need constant care and are sensitive! Lip sticks usually cause them to peel, as do other types of scented balms.  I have Chapstick in my purse, my car, my travel bags, my makeup case, my bedside table, etc. I don’t have to apply it a lot, but I always need to have it with me. Just in case…

#2: Check.

Stay tuned for the next installment.
Same Bat time. Same Bat channel.

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  1. You’re blonde?! What?! My world has just been rocked.
    And also… I like popsicles.

  2. Sara, it’s true! ; )
    My brother was over here a couple days ago and I said, “you want a popsicle?” He was like, “What kind of questions is that?! I want a red one.” haha

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